Investment Workshops

Investment Workshops are at the core of what we do — our Investment executives and associates work hard to put together these concentrated and restructured versions of lectures that cover the essentials so you can learn trading and investments intuitively and structurally. 

Level I

Intro to Markets

In this introductory workshop, we show you the basics of stock markets, the mechanism of transactions, and basic market dynamics and economics.

Level II

Fundamental Analysis

‘Fundamental Analysis’ is an approach to value a firm and its stock. We look at key financial ratios related to a firm’s financial health to determine a stock’s intrinsic value.

Level III

Technical Analysis

‘Technical Analysis’ is another way to value a stock using price/volume info. We look at price trends, support/resistance levels, different MAs (moving averages), and other indicators.


Level IV

Derivative Securities - Options, Futures, and more

Coming Winter 2019 semester

Derivative investments are contracts between 2 or more parties whose values are based on their underlying assets’ values. Derivatives include most commonly, options, futures/forward, MBS/ABS, swaps, even swaptions — a combination of options and swaps. Derivatives are high-risk investments compared to equity and bond because they are often leveraged; therefore, the trading of derivatives only consists a very small portion of an investor’s portfolio.

Level V

Portfolio Management & Alternative Investments

Coming Winter 2019 semester

Having discussed much of individual types of investments and how we can make our investments based on our analyses, we can now construct a portfolio. A portfolio simply means a mix of different investments — a combination of stocks, bonds, T-bills, ETFs, forex, and alternative investments (hedge fund, mutual fund, and derivative securities). For different types of investors and their financial goals, we can customize the portfolios to align with the objectives.