Privacy Policy

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This is updated on December 31st, 2018 - version 1.0

If you would like to be removed from our records, please email us at

What & How We Collect Your Information

When you use our website, we collect some of your information as a website visitor. When you interact with some components on our webpages, like forms or buttons, we collect more information from you.

What we collect from you ranges from your IP address, your approximate location (e.g. country, state/province, city), the time you visited our website, and so on. On our website, we do not explicitly require your consent for information collection, as it is expressed in the form of continued visits to our website. These types of information are most commonly collected via Cookies.

When you sign up for our newsletter, or sign up as a member using our Google Form, we collect your name, email address, student number (you can only sign up as a member as a York University student), program, etc.. In our Membership Signup Google Form, we explicitly require your consent for record retention and communication via emails.



External Services

We use a few external services in addition to our website platform to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. They include, but are not limited to:

  • TradingView (for interactive stock charts and live market quotes)

  • Google Forms (membership signup form embed)

  • Facebook Messenger (the button in the lower right corner, for you to message us without leaving our site)

  • YouTube (for video embed, so you can watch relevant videos without leaving our site)

  • MailChimp (for newsletters, so you can updated for our updates and news)

  • Scribd (PDF embed, so you can view our documents without leaving our site)

  • Datawrapper (data visualization for some of our statistics)

These external services are accessible through our website through the form of embedded codes or external links. We recommend you to read their respective Privacy Policies before using their services.

Security of Your Data

We might collect other information through this website through our service provider. Any of information collected is transmitted via SSL/HSTS, and and is stored by our service provider in multiple Tier III data centres across the United States; that said, a hackers might still be able to have access to any of the information being transmitted, if you use an unsecured network, or if our service provider’s servers are hacked.

Data submitted for membership sign-up are stored in our club’s Google Drive using Google’s own encryption mechanism. Their access is limited to our executives for administrative and analytical purposes. If you suspect misuse of your personal information, please email us directly.

Request Your Information | Opt-Out

If you would like to stop using our website and your records as a website visitor to be removed, simply email us at In your email, state your name, email address, and that you would like your information to be no longer collected.

If you have submitted information through our website, you can request a complete record of data we have collected from you. In your email, please give us your name, email address, and what you would like to request from us.