The YTC Team

The 2018/19 YTC Team is led by our President, Paul Strycharczyk. We have four functional departments: Investments, Finance, Operations, and Marketing.


2018/19 President

Our President is the ‘big picture’ guy.




The Investments team makes transactions in our two paper trading funds: the Principal fund and the Community fund. They are also responsible for our market report every two weeks and pitch sheets about emerging trading opportunities. Lastly, they host our investment workshops.



The Finance team monitors the portfolio performance of our paper trading funds, and produce monthly risk management reports for the purpose of minimizing downsides and reducing a variety of risks. The department also manages the funding and budgeting for our club.



Our Operations team is responsible for administrative matters with YFS (York Federation of Students) and SCLD (Student Community & Leadership Development), as well as our external relations. Operations is also responsible for scheduling and organizing events.



The Marketing team is responsible for all visual and interactive forms of media, ranging from our newsletter, print/digital media, campaigns, and social media presence. The team also keeps track of website and social media analytics and oversees our digital assets.


Interested in joining us?

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